Paris adds two new outdoor warning sirens

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PARIS, TX -- With tornado season right around the corner the city of Paris installed two new sirens today, hoping to better protect its citizens in case of an emergency

Today two new sirens were added, one at Northwest 5th Street, by the water tower and the second off North Main, just North of the Loop.

"Those two areas were not covered as well as we would like them to be," said Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley.

The current warning sirens around the city were installed in 1983, making them over 30 years old and prone to problems.

"They're becoming somewhat outdated and some of them we are having more maintenance issues with," said Paris Emergency Management Coordinator Randy Tuttle.

The new sirens cover a smaller range, so the city is installing two new sirens for every old one. Though smaller the newer sirens are DC powered by four 12-volt batteries, making them more reliable in the event of a power loss unlike the current sirens.

"If we do lose commercial power, these will still operate," said Hundley.

Due to an expense of about $25,000 per installed siren city leaders say siren replacement is an ongoing process.

"We're talking another five to six years to replace," said Hundley.

"If you start replacing all at one time, that's a pretty good expense," said Tuttle. "We thought it would be better on the budget and also for future replacement of sirens to start staggering the replacement of these and maybe put a replacement program in place."

The two added today bring the total to eight sirens covering the city.

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