Paris considers recycling program

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PARIS, TX -- Cities across the nation are finding ways to increase recycling among their citizens.

After discussing the idea of creating a city recycling program, Paris council members are hoping residents will hop on board.

"More and more people are aware of recycling," said city manager John Godwin. "Recycling markets have grown over the last ten years and there's a lot more things that can be recycled."

Godwin says larger cities have programs in which residents pay a small fee as part of their utility bills for the city to collect recyclables curbside. But Godwin says Paris isn't ready for that, yet. He says they should start off with a centralized drop off location.

"Its got to be something people want to do, they participate in, because it's got to be a voluntary thing and it just takes time to build that voluntary urge or need," said Godwin.

Godwin also recommended that the city could learn from the local Christians in Action, who has over 60-bins throughout the city and has been taking citizens recyclables for 18-years. They use the men staying at their shelter to help pick up from the over 100-pick up locations they have in Paris.

"When folks come here I wanted to have something for them to do, to actually pay back the community for what the community is helping them with," said Christians in Action Executive Officer Donald Walker.

Cost is one major hurdle due to no recycle processing plant nearby. Godwin hopes that the city will start implementing a program sometime next year.

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