Paris council approves boundaries for proposed tax break

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PARIS, Texas - Last week the council discussed a proposed residential tax break on the building of new homes or the renovation of homes in Paris, but the abatement excludes the Northeast part of town.

"In the section of town they left out, development is happening anyway." said Interim City Manager Gene Anderson.

The council said it left out the Northeast part of town due to it being more developed than the rest of the city and if they included that section than the disparity would widen.

"It's designed in those areas that either are undeveloped or economically depressed to motivate people to build in those areas." said Anderson.

The proposed abatement would give residents a five-year tax break on a minimum 20% investment of their homes value. For the first two years residents would receive a 100% abatement with it dropping 20% each year, for the remaining three years.

But some residents don't believe it is fair to exclude part of the city.

"It kind of concerns me that they are making a distinction between one side of town and the other side of town." said Paris resident Susie Clark.

"Well to me it should be fair, if you help one you help another one. That's the way I look at it, why should someone get help and somebody else don't. Be fair." said Paris resident Antonio Chaverria.

The council reviewed the map Monday night, finalizing the boundaries. The abatement will now be brought back for approval at a city council meeting in August.

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