Paris couple shares their surprise roadside birth

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PARIS, TX -- A joke just two weeks before their baby was due was much less funny when the punchline became real.

"We were kind of joking that, what if you don't make it, it is a 45-minute drive," said new father Michael Olivares. "I was like well I guess I will be delivering her on the side of the road."

Erika Olivares started having strong contractions on Saturday, so she and her husband left their Paris home, headed to Hopkins Memorial Hospital. But just 10-minutes away from the hospital, their little girl decided she was ready to come into the world.

"I said, 'Baby, I can't help it. I've got to push. I'm pushing, I cant help it.'" Erika said. "And he was like we're almost there. I said you've got to pull over, you've got to pull over, she's coming."

Erika's husband, Michael, pulled over, got out and rushed to the passenger side to help his wife, but by the time he got there it was to late, their baby girl was here.

"Before he could get to the passenger side, she was out and I had her on my chest," said Erika.

Seven-pound one-ounce Piper LaRee Olivares was born on the side of a Hopkins County Road.

Erika said she will never forget Michael's first words to her.

"Baby, she's got a full head of hair," said Erika.

Michael wrapped little Piper in his shirt while waiting for a sheriff's deputy and EMS to arrive.

"They came to the car and they even let me cut the emblical cord in the car," said Michael.

The new family is now back home, safe and sound and Piper is getting a chance to meet her two older brothers. And mom and dad say they'll have a great story to tell her, down the road.

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