Paris police cracking down on false burglar alarms

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PARIS, TX - With less than a week until the new burglary alarm ordinance takes effect, there are still over 200 residents and businesses that have yet to register for a permit.

Paris Police Chief Bob Hundley says the ordinance was put in place to help lower the number of false alarms that his officers were responding to.

"The whole idea about this is to make us more efficient and the quicker we can get the information in and get in the database the better off everybody is." said Hundley.

The revised ordinance allows those with a security alarm up to 12 false alarms a year before they receive a $50 fine per alarm. After 20 false alarms in a calendar year a nuisance claim with the municipal court will be filed.

"If they will take just a little more time with training their employees or make sure they understand what's going to take place when the alarm goes off." said Hundley. "That can easily do away of 30 to 40 percent of them right off the bat."

The police department sent out 519 notices to people who have alarms, but they've only received 300 back. The notices explained the new ordinance and how to register alarms. Chief Hundley says many of the false alarm offenders from last year are the ones that have yet to register now.

"We've got one company in that in 2012 I think we had 110 alarms."

The revised alarm ordinance takes effect June first.

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