Paris prepares for 30th Tour de Paris

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PARIS, TX -- The city of Paris is gearing up for the 30th Tour de Paris Saturday.

Since 1984, the Tour de Paris has been annual event and continues to grow almost every year. Now nearly one thousand riders are expected yearly.

"The first year we had 37-riders going around a track several times and now here we are, wow it's incredible," said Tourism Director Becky Semple.

Thanks to over 650 volunteers, the event runs like a well oiled machine and has been embraced by the whole community.

"Without the volunteers this would not happen," said Semple. "This is a volunteer run event, because they make it happen."

"It's well supported by the community and that's the whole secret to any event or a ride of any kind," said Bike Texas Ambassador Durwood Mayfield.

Tour de Paris has five different routes, ranging from 20 to 68-miles, with several rest stops along the way featuring more than just water.

"This one has the best rest stops, the best people and the cookies are the best," said cyclist Terry Burket.

Marvin Wroten has ridden in the Tour de Paris for 14-consecutive years and says the event has really grown and evolved.

"Each year you see the ride count go up and more riders here," said Wroten. "It's just great for the economy of the community also."

Cyclists will begin at 8 a.m. Saturday morning at the Love Civic Center. Registration will still be available until two hours before the race.

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