Paris students write thank you letters to disaster workers

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PARIS, TX -- A group of local third grade students are thanking the electric and disaster relief crews for their hard work this past week.

After seeing and hearing of the many people that came to Paris this past week to help restore power, supply food and aid in clean up,
Ms. Norma Sullivan, a computer teacher at Everett Elementary, felt that her students should express their thoughts and gratitude.

So, Ms. Sullivan asked her students to write letters those that helped Paris get back on its feet.

"I would like to think Lamar County Electric for working in the cold and trying to help us and if you live far away I hope you get home safe. I just can't thank you enough, because we had a hard time cooking and staying warm. I wish you a Merry Christmas," wrote Everett Elementary student Melodee Robinson.

Ms. Sullivan says she plans to deliver the letters this weekend.

Exerts from student letters:

“I would thank them because I had a hard time being warm in our cold home.” - Ruben Enns

“I would like to thank Lamar Avenue Church of Christ and Red Cross for their love and support. They helped me a whole bunch.” - Gibson Dyess

“I thank Oncor so much because my family had a very hard time. I thank all of the generous men that are out there that are working in the cold right now.” - Rebecca Dueck

“I would like to give a big thank you to the Texas Baptist Men’s Disaster Relief Team for cutting down tree limbs. It was very generous of you all.” - Kaitlyn Miller

“I would like to give a big thank you to Lamar Avenue Church of Christ and American Red Cross for feeding people and letting little 1 year olds sleep there. It’s very generous of you. We have been through some very hard times.” - Jasey Armstrong

“Thank you (Lamar County Electric Co-Op) for your kindness, support and love.” - Jackson Stevenson

“I would like to thank them (electric groups) for the patience they have trying to get our power on.” - Daniel Unger

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