Paris superintendent says district on road to financial stability

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PARIS, TX -- Paris ISD is 8 million dollars in debt but its superintendent says the district is on the road to financial stability.

Paris Superintendent Paul Jones says, "We want to be efficient with the tax payer's dollars, but we also want to be effective with the classroom. We don't want to jeopardize student instruction or student learning."

It's a tough task - cut costs without penalizing students. But that's the task facing Superintendent Paul Jones and Paris ISD. This week its school board voted to hire consultants from the Texas Association of School Boards. They'll evaluate staffing practices and needs for all staff from administrative positions to teachers to custodial services.

Jones says, "They are going to compare us to schools similar to Paris ISD and just come up to see if we are overstaffed or understaffed or what areas we can improve on."

The overall goal is to make Paris ISD schools more efficient in the classroom?while at the same time looking for ways to reduce current costs and avoid future costs.

According to Jones, "You can become efficient with 40 kids in the classroom, but how effective are you going to be."

This will be the first staffing review for the district in almost 10 years they're hoping it will save them money in the long run.

It will cost the schools $12,000 but Jones says the district was able to restructure expenses so the payment would not affect their existing debt.