Partially collapsed Ardmore building set for demolition

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ARDMORE, OK - Wednesday afternoon the front of a historic building fell off into Washington and Broadway Streets after a driver crashed his pickup truck into a load-bearing support beam.

Police say the driver won't face criminal charges.

But the building was more than just a brick and mortar structure. To Nicholas Thigpin it was his livelihood.

"We really get to make people happy is kind of the way I look at it," said Thigpin, who owns Confetti--a children's birthday party business that was in the building. And he said while the damage is irreparable he's grateful everyone walked away.

"We were making sure people were okay," said Thigpin. "There was nobody in the building."

No injuries were reported in the crash or collapse. Building owner Tim Longest said while it was a historic building, it was up to code and perfectly safe.

"It was as solid, I'd have housed my family in there without any hesitation," Longest said.

Longest has hired a demolition contractor to take the building down and said the work should begin Friday.

"So they can raze it, get it all down safely and then start trucking it off," Longest said.

In the meantime, Ardmore Development Services said OG&E has cut off the electricity to the building, and that roads will stay closed until the entire building is demolished.

"Since it's possible that the rest of the building could fall, especially with the high winds, we will keep the road closed for the safety of the public," said building inspector Jessica Scott.

While Thigpin's business and the building that housed it were destroyed, he said phone calls, Facebook messages and well-wishes from the community have helped build him back up.

"It's been an eye opener to see how many people that have known about us and actually touched their lives," Thigpin said. "So that was amazing to us and just very grateful."