Pauls Valley police submit charges on three murder suspects

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PAULS VALLEY, OK -- Three suspects in a Pauls Valley murder that happened last year, may soon be facing charges.

More than a year after 22 year old, Jerry Lytle, was found dead in Pauls Valley, police chief, Mitch Mcgill, says they are closer than ever to closing the case.

Mcgill said, "Evidence shows that 5 male subjects and 2 female subjects went to the creek that night. Mr. Lytle was assaulted with a pipe and bare hands."

Mcgill says charges were submitted to the district attorney's office this week on three men for second degree murder.
Detective Kenneth Ferris says Lytle's body was discovered May 14th lying in Rush Creek.

"At first when officers thought maybe there was a log, they saw a shadow or something in the creek, so we got down there with flashlights and started looking around," said Ferris.

Ferris says officers soon discovered, this was a homicide.

"And then realized you could kind of make the outline of a couple legs and the back of somebody just through the water and it wasat that point that we knew that we had located a body," said Ferris.

Ferris says he believes the suspects beat Lytle severely then rolled Lytle's body down to a creek.

"There's a pretty significant incline that goes down to the creek area so you can kind of see where this fight had happened and this trail that went down to the bank," said Ferris.

Ferris says getting justice for the family makes the months of investigation worth it.

"Mrs. Lytle, you know, she's just been beside herself and she's just been constantly calling and so that part feels good getting what we've got submitted," said Ferris.