Pecan Creek Apartments start renovation after roof blown off

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Two days after a storm blew the roof off the Pecan Creek Apartments the focus now is rebuilding.

"We're tearing out all the wet drywall and carpet and pretty much gutting them," said Mike Brock, who owns Construction Management Services.

His crew came down Thursday at 5 p.m. to assess the damage and made a plan to restore the apartment building after rain flooded 6 apartments.

He plans to act fast.

"With the plywood missing up top the rain is just going to keep coming in so we need to get it back where it's water dry tight as soon as possible," said Brock.

To do that a crew is coming to the apartments Friday evening to start replacing the roof, and they'll work through the night.

"They should have it done by this weekend," added Brock.

Some residents have wondered why the whole building was condemned for human occupancy. Ardmore's development services director Nick Diaz said it came down to water-soaked ceilings.

"Even if we could get the electricity killed, which I killed part of it myself, the sheet rock was still a hazard to people being in there because it would fall and kill them," said Diaz.

The building inspector said they had no prior knowledge of the roof's condition before the storm.

And apartment management tells us company policy prohibits them from commenting.

Brock said the building should be renovated and ready for residents in about 30 days.

In the meantime, tenants are staying with friends, family or getting help from the Red Cross.

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