Pet Commando animal rescue in Denison

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DENISON, TX - Seeing abused and neglected animals on the streets isn't anything new, but one Denison man says he's doing his part to change that, one rescue at a time.

By day, Louis Pollaro works as a cinematographer, but in his free time he enjoys being involved in something he's been doing most of his life.

"If I just see an animal that's in some type of dangerous position of being injured or underfed or starving whatever I'll kind of intervene." said Pollaro.

Pollaro says over the years in Denison he's rescued about 20 cats and almost 50 dogs, and found them all good homes.
But recently when he came across a severely emaciated cat on the street, he was moved to do something more.

"This cat was dying out in plain sight, it didn't look like anyone was helping it the temperature was 110 degrees that day." Pollaro said.

He named her Cleo, and he decided to start documenting each rescue, beginning with hers.
And so, Pet Commando was born.
Through his website and youtube channel videos he hopes to create awareness and maybe something more.

Pollaro says documenting his animal rescues is not only about combining his two greatest loves in life but inspiring others to do the same.

Dog groomer, Robert Lucian, was inspired to join the Pet Commando effort, and he'll never forget the first dog Pollaro brought to him.

"Once I started grooming that first dog it was in such bad shape I knew I wanted to get more involved in it and do what I could to help." Lucian said.

Pollaro and Lucian don't make any money doing what they do, in fact it costs them to run the operation, but Lucian says the feeling it gives them is priceless.

"It brings a lot of happiness to me to know that we're helping some animal that has been forgotten or neglected." said Lucian said.

If you'd like to get involved with Pet Commando visit their website at

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