Pipeline for Lake Texoma water underway

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HOWE, TX -- The North Texas Municipal Water District is constructing the pipeline, to restore their Texoma water supply, which they have not been using since 2009.

Because of the Zebra Mussels in Lake Texoma, water from Lake Texoma makes up 28 percent of the North Texas Municipal Water District's water supply.

A federal law states you cannot transfer any water containing an invasive species to another water supply.

This pipeline will move the water in a closed container, which will not re-enter the environment.

"We have a water right or a permit to use water out of texoma from the state of texas and we have not been able to access that supply since 2009 due to this invasive species," said Denise Hickey, Public Relations Coordinator for North Texas Water District.

The 46 miles of pipeline they are going to lay are being added to an already existing 25 miles of it.

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