Pointe Vista announces new building plans in Marshall Co.

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Even though Pointe Vista is still locked in legal battle with the Commissioners of the Land Office, the company announced recently that it will expand the first phase of the project to include more than 50 vacation and corporate rental units adjacent to the Chickasaw Pointe Golf Club.

Frank Murphy with Wynne/Jackson, master developer of the Pointe Vista project said, in a news release:

"For visitors contemplating buying a home it allows them to experience the area before they purchase. The benefits of the popular stay and play option extend beyond the development to the local community in terms of increased economic activity."

But residents we spoke with said they'll believe it when they see it because nothing has been built since the contract to build the hotel, convention center and homes at Lake Texoma State Park was signed back in 2008.

"I think it's just a way to get people to shut up," said Kingston resident Meagan Lazur. "I really do, I think there's a bunch of Marshall County people that have been here for years, and they're kind of perturbed that nothing got done about it."

"I don't believe them," said Jack Scott, who also lives in Kingston. "I have no reason to believe them."

Nine buildings with 36 vacation units are planned along the driving range while four buildings with 16 corporate units would be built at the fifth tee.

Infrastructure work for the development is planned to begin this fall.