VIDEO: Dash cam footage captures Calera robbery suspect fleeing police

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CALERA, OK --- Dash cam video obtained by News 12 captured a chase between Calera police and a robbery suspect that happened Monday afternoon.

Calera Police Chief Don Hyde says Bobby Brewer took off in a van, at speeds of more than 100 mph and then crashed, after he allegedly robbed One Source Pharmacy in Calera.

Hyde says the vehicle description given by a pharmacy employee made the arrest possible.

"A human life is worth more than some product on a shelf," said Tony Hudgins.

Tony Hudgins owns the pharmacy.

He says his daughter, who works at the shop, thought it was a prank when she came face to face with Brewer.

She says he was holding a gun and demanding drugs.

"We've always discussed if someone ever comes into a location, I don't think you ever want to confront them; especially if they have a weapon, or if they don't have a weapon," said Hudgins.

Hudgins says Brewer left with a handful of Oxycontin, Apresoline and Hydrocodine, but he didn't get very far. Hudgins' daughter called police as Brewer was getting into his car and police responded.

"You don't expect to go to work and have that happen to you, especially in this type of business," said Don Hyde.

The dash cam video shows Hyde approaching Brewer's van after the crash on Platter Road.

Brewer was not seriously hurt and was taken into police custody for questioning; where police say he admitted to robbing the pharmacy.

Hyde calls the pharmacy employees heroes.

"The reason this person was caught yesterday was the fast thinking of the employees at the pharmacy," said Hyde.

Brewer has been charged with first degree robbery and endangering others while eluding officers.

His preliminary hearing is set for September 17th.