Police investigate missing Atoka man

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Alan Wayne Oliver, 51, has not shown up for work the past few days, according to Atoka Police Chief Gene Dodson.

But in addition to a missing persons case, Atoka Police are also looking into foul play, based on tips and rumors they've received.

"Some people came forward and we're following up on information they provided," Dodson said.

Dodson even called OSBI today to help with the investigation.

"We were focusing on a residence that he may have possibly been at, and a vehicle that he may have been associated with," he said.

The center of the investigation is a home, at 701 1/2 Weston Avenue in Atoka.

Neighbors said the police didn't tell them much. But they've heard various rumors themselves.

Allen Perrillioux, who has been staying at the house next door since Sunday, said several police teams thoroughly searched the house.

"Cops was here doing what they had to do. They stayed here for two days, making sure they went through everything," he said. "Couldn't come up with nothing. So according to what they think, it's just all rumors."

Neighbors said investigators took samples from a red paint stain in the backyard.

However, Dodson said police are still looking for evidence.

"We have not found any physical evidence to support some of the things that have been told to us," he said. "That doesn't mean that they may not be factual, but we have to corroborate it one way or the other. "

But Dodson said this investigation is an odd case.

"Yes this is rather unusual based on some of the stuff that's been told," he said. "But we're also pretty early in the investigation here."

And whether or not it's foul play, Perrillioux said it's still unsettling to the neighborhood.

"All the neighbors around here was all concerned because they thought some kind of crime was committed," he said. "Everybody worried because they have families, you know."