Police investigating mysterious donation bins

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DENISON,TX -- Police are investigating who placed three random donation bins that were found bolted down onto local properties.

When Hickory House owner, Johnny Doyle, showed up to work Monday morning he was met with this---A mysterious green donation box bolted down to his parking lot.

"The first thing I thought is who put this out here." said Doyle.

Doyle says a friend helped him remove the bin but there was plenty of damage left behind.

"It was very frustrating thinking someone could come in and put something on your lot and bolt it down like that without your permission." said Doyle.

Denison police say a company called "7th Generation Recycling" is responsible for the bins but investigators do not know who ordered the bins to be placed in three separate business lots.

"What we believe is going on is these things, the items collected in these boxes are being sold overseas." said Eppler.

"Employees at Nick's Diner say one of the boxes was located right here behind the restaurant making it difficult for customers to even drive through."

7th generation recycling's website says they are an organization dedicated to protecting the environment and supporting local communities and that they recycle clothes, shoes and household textiles.

We called the company, and left a message, and have not received a response.

For now police say they are continuing to investigate who planted the bins and the city has removed two them.

Doyle says he's moved the bin off his property but his friend has a good idea for what to do with it..

"He's going to make a deer blind out of it." said Doyle.

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