Authorities release name of teen shot to death in Madill

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MADILL, OK -- Authorities have released the name of the boy shot and killed in Madill yesterday.

"Neighbors were calling us...'are y'all okay?'...our friends, our family that knows us because they heard it was our street and whenever we got home, the road was blocked, cops everywhere," said Bianey Gomez.
Gomez says she's still in shock after the fatal shooting that happened Sunday evening across from her home on the 500 block of Tishomingo Street.

"It concerns us that it's really close to us and our kids are always playing outside," said Gomez.

"At 5:57 PM officers responded to a shots fired call at 501 West Tishomingo," said Randall Reynolds with Madill Police.
He says 15 year old Patrick Dunn was found shot to death in the home where the male suspect also lives.
Reynolds says they have the 15 year old suspect in custody but have not yet released his name.

"It's going to be a homicide investigation but we're still investigating at this time," said Reynolds.

Gomez says she rarely came in contact with the suspect or his family.

"Just you know once in a while but they are really quiet neighbors and we don't see them often, so, my son is the one who got to talk to him once or twice but not a whole lot," said Gomez.

She says because of the shooting, she'll add extra safety pre-cautions for her 3 young children, especially since it happened so close to their home and right around the corner from school.

"I'm a really protective mother, so, I'm pretty sure this year...take them to school and bring them back because, you know, you never know," said Gomez.