Police investigate Paris woman's death as homicide

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PARIS, TX - Paris police are being tight-lipped about a weekend homicide, but the victim's friends and neighbors aren't. They say they were afraid something like this would happen, and they told our own Jalah Gray why.

"A lot of times people don't really actually tell people what's going on inside their homes." said Cassandra Hearn.

Cassandra Hearn says she's known 43 year old Donna Barrett since they were kids, so she was shocked when she heard Barrett was found dead inside her home just down the street.

"When I came out my house I saw the ambulance but I thought it was just a neighbor, but we got elderly people around here, I thought maybe one of them had a cardiac arrest or something." Hearn said.

"Any time there is foul play and unexplained circumstances we're going to investigate it as a murder." said Officer Curtis Garrett.

Police say family members had become concerned about Donna when she didn't show up for work early Saturday morning, so when they came over here to check on her and she didn't answer, they forced their way inside to find her dead.

"The family was concerned because she was out of her normal routine." Garrett said.

Officer Curtis Garrett says Barrett's car was found abandoned at an apartment complex across town.

"I can't comment on any of what we found inside the residence at this time, we are handling it, the body has been taken to Dallas for autopsy and we will know more when we get the results of that autopsy back." said Garrett.

Many neighbors tell us police were called to Barrett's house on several occassions for reports of loud arguments with a man.

"I was really speechless, you know but, all along knowing sooner or later something was going to give because they were just constantly fighting all the time and the police were being called." Hearn said.

Police won't comment about any previous incidents at the home and say right now they don't have any suspects in Barrett's death.
If you have any information about this murder, you're urged to call crime stoppers at 903-785-TIPS (8477).

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