Police looking for would-be burglar

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SHERMAN, TX -- Police are asking for the public's help to identify the man who tried to break into a convenience store and bank early this morning. The suspect wasn't able to get away with any money, but he did cause a lot of damage.

4:30 Thursday morning, a man smashed the glass at the Get & Go in Sherman, but couldn't get inside because of the security bars.

"At 5:30 this morning, we believe that same suspect broke into the CICOST Credit Union, using the same type instrument to get in," Sergeant Bruce Dawsey said.

Both glass doors were broken, and the man tried getting into the night drop and vault but wasn't successful.

"It's locked up like Fort Knox so you can't get to it anyway," CICOST Credit Union President, Stephanie Singleton said.

This is surveillance video from the Credit Union.
The man knocked the surveillance camera out of the way before he tried getting into the vault.

There have been other, similar crimes like this in the past few months, in the same area. Dawsey hopes catching this man, will help them solve the other crimes.

"We're working, following up on leads to try to identify this suspect, but the greatest benefit would be if someone recognizes this suspect and contacts us. That will lead us to the quickest conclusion," said Dawsey.

Police say the man is in his 20's to 30's and was wearing a camo jacket, camo hat, orange gloves and jeans.

As for CICOST, this is the second attempted burglary this month.
Here's video of a man taking a sledgehammer to the ATM. He wasn't able to get money either. Singleton, says these incidents have prepared them for whatever is next.

"We had a training session last night on robbery, and then we come into this today. So, we do a lot of training and we do have a lot of security and surveillance. But actually, I just beefed that up some more today," Singleton said.

If you have any information you're asked to contact the Sherman police department. Their number is 903-892-7290.

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