Polls open in most of Texas; little drama expected

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AP-TX--Texas Elections-Roundup,2nd Ld
Polls open in most of Texas; little drama expected
AUSTIN, Texas (AP) - Polls are open in most of Texas for an election not expected to offer many surprises.

Voters were headed to the booths Tuesday morning everywhere except far West Texas, where polls were to open an hour later. They will have to go down the ballot to find contests that could turn heads.

Mitt Romney is expected to win the 36 presidential electoral votes in Texas, and tea party-backed Republican Ted Cruz was a heavy favorite to replace the retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison in the U.S. Senate.

Some of the nail-biters could come in the congressional races.

Texas gets four new representatives in Congress thanks to adding 4.3 million residents between 2000 and 2010. Republicans are likely to take 23 seats Tuesday. They took 22 of 32 two years ago.

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