Pontotoc Co. Sheriff's Dept. searching for accused kidnapper after escaping standoff

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ADA, OK -- The Pontotoc County Sheriff's Department is searching for an accused kidnapper after he escaped his house, Sunday morning during a standoff with deputies.

According to Sheriff John Christian, deputies responded to a house on County Road 35-10 in Ada after a woman reported her sister was being held against her will by her ex-boyfriend, Ramey Reamy.

He says when Deputies arrived, Reamy refused to let the woman go.

In the backyard another deputy was then forced to shoot and kill a dog that charged him. It was during that time that the woman fled the house.

Deputies and police gassed the house to enter and arrest Reamy, but later found he had escaped through an open window.

"We believe that he is armed, and so he is considered armed and dangerous and anybody that comes in contact with him reports that to us," Christian said.

Christian says Reamy is currently out on bond for previous charges, and advises no one attempt to make any contact with him.

If you see him, contact local authorities.

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