Pontotoc County deputies and OHP bomb squad called after man finds live grenade

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BYNG, OK -- Pontotoc County deputies and the OHP bomb squad were called to a Byng home after man found a live grenade.

According to Under Sheriff Arnold Scott, deputies received a call just before 10 AM that a man had found a live grenade in his storage unit.

Scott says the man bought some items from an estate sale last month and had taken the items to his home in Byng but never looked through the box.

He says the grenade pin was still intact but the situation could have been much more dangerous.

Scott said, "There wasn't a casing around it usually the ones we get now will have a casing. Which will be a cardboard casing just incase the pin does fall out that it won't go off but there wasn't anything around it."

Scott says they cleared the scene around 1 PM and the bomb squad took the grenade to dispose.