Pottsboro approves proposal to install traffic lights at dangerous intersection

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POTTSBORO, TX-Pottsboro city officials said something has to be done to stop crashes at a dangerous intersection before someone is killed. So Monday, they voted to implement a new safety measure.

City council voted unanimously to request TxDOT to install traffic lights at the Highway 289, FM-120 intersection. Officials tell me in just the past three months, there have been eight accidents at that intersection and that's a concern for area residents.

Susan Rawlins drives through the intersection of Highway 289 and FM 120 everyday said it's always stressful.

"It's really challenging because it's a wide intersection and people are going pretty fast and with that flashing light, you don't know if people are gonna stop or not," she said.

That's why Monday night, Pottsboro city officials voted unanimously to send Tx-DOT a request to install traffic lights on the Highway 289 and FM 120 intersection. City Manager, Kevin Farley said stop signs and rumble strips did not stop car crashes.

"The fact that we continue to have accidents there is what's really driving this. It's a safety factor for the local citizens as well as the travelling public coming through Pottsboro," he said.

The flashing lights on FM-120 and Highway 289 were just installed August 2012 to help with traffic control, but Farley said the number of accidents still remained the same.

"During September alone within the three week period, we had two accidents there for example and we' ve got additional data that what we will do is to provide to TxDOT," Farley said.

He also said the city is looking into new development in that area which will increase traffic so it's important to start this project now.

"We're trying to stay ahead of the curve, we realize it takes time to study those things and we wanted to go ahead and initiate that process," said Farley.

Rawlins said if stop lights were installed, it would give drivers like her peace of mind.

"I'd feel really confident that people will stop if it's red and comfortable to go if it's green," she said.

Farley said they expect to hear back from TxDOT in the next few weeks. If approved, crews will conduct a study on the intersection and it may take up to nine months for the traffic lights to be installed.