Pottsboro officials consider speed limit change near school zone

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POTTSBORO, TX-Pottsboro city officials look into possibly raising the speed limit on a well traveled road near the elementary school zone, after some citizens complained they should be allowed to drive faster. But nearby residents disagree, telling us while it's not part of the 20 mph school zone, too many kids walk and play along that stretch of road.

June Ochoa lives along Cardinal Lane and said a lot of kids play outside, that's why she said raising the current speed limit could be dangerous.

"I think it's a little too fast, we do have a lot of small children walking to school playing in the summer. Children don't always look where they're going and if you're going too fast, you're not gonna see them," she said.

The speed limit on Cardinal Lane is 20 mph from FM 120 near the elementary school down to FM 996.

Pottsboro Police Chief, Shone Nix said a resident expressed his concern to city officials saying 20 mph is too slow.

"Well we had a citizen approach city hall with concerns about the speed limit being too low on Cardinal Lane, south of the school. Like from Front Street south to FM 996," he said.

That's why the city is considering to change the speed limit to 30 mph.

Nix said the school zone will remain at 20 mph, but Ochoa said it should stay the same south of the train tracks.

"Leave it like it is, just leave it alone. I haven't heard of any kids being struck by cars or anything so leave it alone. Kids are more important," she said.

The city started doing a speed study on Cardinal Lane to help them with the decision.

"I believe that's something council would take into consideration as we move forward and investigate whether or not to raise the speed limit," said Nix.

The proposed speed limit change will be back on the agenda September 9th.

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