Pottsboro residents see tax increase to pay for capital improvement projects

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POTTSBORO, TX -- Pottsboro residents will be paying more in property taxes to pay for several capital improvement projects.

After the city council voted to approve the tax hike last week, City Manager, Kevin Farley, tells me residents will see a five cent increase per $100 home valuation.

He says the three main projects they will be working on will benefit everyone in the community.

The Pottsboro City Council voted Thursday to set aside over $500,000 towards the city's capital improvement projects.

"The first one will be to replace an aging fire truck that we have, the second component will be providing lighting to the new ball field, and we also wanted to address sidewalks or the lack of sidewalks along Highway 120.

He says the sidewalks along Highway 120 will provide a safer path for pedestrians, especially children.

"We have a number of students that walk from the high school to areas along 120 and they walk down 120 to get to residential areas as well," said Farley. "They're potentially dangerous situations we'd like to address first."

"At 3:30 every afternoon this place gets crowded with traffic and I can see it being a safety concern and we need it," said resident, Seth Reynolds. "We need a place for kids to walk safely."

Public safety was also the reason behind the decision to buy a new firetruck. Fire Chief, Donnie Glenn, says the department has this one since the 80's. He says not only will a new truck help crews get to emergencies faster, it could lower resident's insurance rates for fire protection.

"The Insurance Service Organization, when they come in they check the age of your fire equipment and the age of your fire engines and the newer the equipment, you get better points for that," said Glenn.

And some residents like Seth Reynolds think paying a few extra dollars is worth it if it means building a safer and better community.

"With the help of that and the community involvement I think we could accomplish the things that we need to continue for Pottsboro to prosper," Reynolds said.

Farley says the city also plans to install lighting for the two baseball fields at the new municipal park.

He says he hopes to have the projects complete within the next two years.

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