Pregnant Ardmore woman struck by car loses baby

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ARDMORE, OK - Family members said a pregnant Ardmore woman hit by a car Friday night has lost her baby.

Ardmore Police said they are still investigating exactly what happened late Friday night - which is why no arrests have been made so far in the case.

20-year-old Shelby Miller is still in critical condition but family members did confirm Miller's unborn child did not survive. She was four months pregnant at the time.

Investigators believe an altercation that started at an Ardmore bar is what led to Miller getting struck by a vehicle outside her home.

Miller's aunt Susie Peek said, "These people showed up at my brother's house. My brother told them to get off his property and argument broke out in the street. The lady that hit my niece, from what I have been told, was driving back and forth on the road. After she hit my niece, she just left."

Miller was flown to the OU Medical Center in Oklahoma City. She is listed in critical condition with multiple fractures.

"The baby did pass," Peek said. "They can't really do a c-section to take him out because Shelby is not doing good.The doctors are giving Shelby a 50/50 chance right now."

"We are making sure we are covering all our bases," Ardmore police Sgt. Ryan Hunnicutt said. "We are talking to witnesses, people that were involved, making contact with people in the neighborhood and we are going to get the entire picture and know the full story before we take any action."

"When I asked them why they did not arrest her that night they did not and will not give me a straight answer," Peek said. "They said I only knew one side of the story. I said again, I thought it was against the law to run away from running someone over."

Peek said the family is begging for justice.

"My, I guess it would be great nephew, died because this lady ran my niece over," Peek said. "She should be charged with murder."

Oklahoma law states in some cases a person responsible for the death of a fetus could be charged with murder.

Police said after the investigation is complete the report will be turned over to the District Attorney's office.