Preliminary Hearing scheduled for Stephanie Ringwald

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CARTER COUNTY, OK -- A former Dickson school teacher accused of having sex with students appeared in court Tuesday morning.

Stephanie Ringwald has been charged with sex crimes and supplying alcohol to minors in Murray, Carter, and Love counties.

Tuesday morning dates were set for preliminary hearings in each county.

Ringwald is charged with two counts of second degree rape and six counts of furnishing alcohol to a minor, which took place in those three different counties.

The allegations surfaced back in August and after an investigation by Carter County Sheriff's office, the case was turned over to the district attorney's office.

Ringwald is also accused of having sex with and providing alcohol to Dickson students.

She turned herself in to authorities back in October and was released from jail the same day on a $10,000 dollar bond.

Tuesday we spoke from Ringwald's attorney, Richard O'Carrol.

O'Carrol said, "This will develop. Always when you're responding, your case develops and I look forward to the evidence developing favorably, in her favor."

Ringwald's preliminary hearing in Murray County has been set for March 28th, Carter County has been set for March 13th, and in Love County it's been set for February 18th.

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