Private investigators step in to help solve Carter Co. missing persons case

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CARTER COUNTY, OK -- It's been just over a year since two Carter County residents disappeared without a trace. Now, the family of one of the missing has hired private investigators to step in and help solve the case.

What happened to Molly Miller on July 2nd 2013 and where is she now? These are the questions that haunt Miller's family.

In May, her cousin, Paula Fielder spoke out about the family's fears.

Fielder said, "You know in your head that the worst has happened but you want to believe it in your heart that they're still out there somewhere" and they want to know where.

That's why they say they've hired private investigators to solve the mystery and bring Molly home.

Investigator Caroline Gear said, "Currently getting his team together, then they will be up, headed up to Oklahoma over the weekend and we'll begin the investigation."

Gear, with Klein Investigations, says their team of 9 investigators want to make it clear they're here to work alongside local law enforcement and not step on any toes.

Gear added, "We're not here to hinder or help any law enforcement just to basically come in as a third party and do our own independent investigation."

OHP Captain Ronnie Hampton said, "Once we turned our case in to the prosecutor in January and they were charged with crimes, at that point our investigation into the Molly Miller incident was pretty much over."

Hampton says they began investigating the case after James Con Nipp, who's now behind bars in Love County, allegedly led troopers on a chase with Miller and Haynes in the car in July.

Investigators say Nipp was the last person to see, or hear from, Molly Miller and Colt Haynes.

Hampton added, "We still receive usually one or two calls a week on the molly miller incident and we still pass that information on to the appropriate law enforcement agency."

Klein Investigators say they've set up a new hotline number and are asking for the public's help.

Gear said, "What we're stressing most right now about that is, it's an anonymous hotline. You do not have to leave your name or you number, just your tip"

The hotline number is 580-798-8157 or you can submit your tip via email to