"Project ICE" remembers teen killed in crash

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DICKSON, OK - To honor a popular teen killed last month in a vehicle accident, Dickson Public School employees and students are "ICE-ing" out their cell phones.

Superintendent Sherry Howe said "Project ICE" is in memory of 16-year-old Rayshell Hunter.

"ICE" stands for in case of emergency.

Each Dickson student and employee is encouraged to save an emergency contact number under the word "ICE" in their cell phone.

Howe said Dickson police and Carter County sheriff's deputies have been notified to look for this.

"What we said was, 'Join us in having you celebrate her life by "ICE-ing" your phone,'" Howe said. "The kids loved that and they felt like they were doing something positive towards it. Something good always comes from bad things."

A fund has been set up at Citizen Bank and Trust Company of Ardmore to help pay for Hunter's burial expenses.

The account is under Robbin Hunter, account number 8760778.