Proposed energy plant in Van Alstyne has residents concerned

VAN ALSTYNE, TX - A proposed energy plant outside "Van Alstyne" has caused a number of concerns for area residents.

Saturday morning more than a dozen people held a meeting to voice their opinions about the proposed plant.

Navasota Energy Company has applied with the T.C.E.Q. for an air permit to build a natural gas plant on Ballard and Willy Vester Road.

Some Residents said they understand the state's need for energy but believe other alternatives should be considered.

"Not only that but the pollutants that are going to be coming out of the plant. It's going to affect the ground, the hay. We're just not going to have the lifestyle we're used to with a plant in our back yard," said Brent Kennedy, a local resident.

Residents said they plan to have a public meeting with Navasota and T.C.E.Q. officials soon.

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