Proposed Okla. law to combat prescription drug abuse

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ARDMORE, OK - Some Oklahoma lawmakers hope a proposed bill will cut down on prescription drug abuse.

A recent study shows Oklahoma ranks number one in the country for prescription drug use, with more than 800 people dying from overdoses last year alone.

Oklahoma State Representative Pat Ownbey proposed house bill 2547 and he said the law would require doctors to take a deeper look into their patients prescription history before prescribing them any controlled substance.

Ownbey said the new law would create an online system that would allow doctors to run a check on their patients in about 90 seconds so it would not burden a doctor's office.

"What this bill does is have the doctors check to see if I have gone anywhere else to another doctor, say two days before, maybe even the same day to try to get these drugs from another doctor, if that doctor sees that I had, obviously he wouldn't write the prescription," Ownbey said.

The bill was available for a committee hearing today.

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