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SHERMAN, TX -- A local college opens its doors to the public with several events this month topping it all off with a comedic play at the end of September. For this Mom's Everyday Family Fun segment, we'll show you and your family a wide variety of campus activities to enjoy.

"I love campus life here...I do." Through the years that Blake Barnes has been a student at Austin College, he's always questioned those who said there was nothing to do on campus. "If they get out, they'll see that there is stuff to do," he said.

Through the rest of this month, the campus offers events open to everyone. Love to sing? Play instruments? Or just enjoy music?

"We have our orchestra and band, things like that," shares the enthusiastic student.

There's lots of musical performance opportunities at Austin College including the Sherman Symphony in its 45th season. Season tickets start at $75 for adults and $30 for students. For ticket information 903.813.2251 or email

And how about dance? For upcoming dance workshops, call Ruth Cape at 903.813.3093 or email

For community outreach, the college offers a blood drive on September 17th at 8 am through the 18th at 4 pm at the Wright Campus Center's Johnson Gallery. For more information call Kathy Matthews at 903.813.2247 or email

For those who love art created by students, the current art exhibit is Ellen George's "Prairie" at the Ida Green Gallery running from September 17th through November 9th. For more information call Joseph Allison at 903.813.2188 or email

Another favorite, Blake says is "the theaters and the plays that they have that they put on.'

Austin College theatre students will perform the comedy Beautiful Bodies on September 27, 28, and 29 at 7:30 p.m. in Ida Green Communication Center's Beardsley Arena Theatre. Tickets are $8 each, or free with a valid Austin College ID, and available at the door. The play is a story of six women, long-time friends now in their mid-30s, reuniting for the first time in six months for a baby shower. Students like Sameen Wajid have enjoyed previous plays directed by fellow students like this one.

"The play I attended in the spring, it was very humorous and all of the kids who do it, they're such great actors and so you're just sitting back and you feel like you're in your own living room," Sameen said. "It's just like being surrounded by your friends and family who shows up and stuff and they're all really dramatic but it's hilarious and they all act really well in the roles."

This was just a short list of the many activities on campus. For more information, call Austin College at 903-813-2000. To access details and locations for each of the events, visit the website listed below.

900 N. Grand Ave.
Sherman, TX 75090

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Air date: 09-14-12

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