Publishers Clearing House scam reported in Lamar Co.

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LAMAR COUNTY, TEXAS-- The Sheriff's Office is warning residents after a nationwide scam made its way to Lamar County.

Deputies say a Powderly resident reported receiving a phone call from a man identifying himself as John Kirby, claiming to be from Publishers Clearing House.

Kirby told the resident that they had won $2.5 million, but needed to give Kirby $1,000 to claim their prize.

The resident did not fall for the scam and reported it to the Sheriff's Office.

"When I called that number and talked to that person I asked that person if he had a supervisor that I can talk to and verify who you are and who you are with," said Chief Deputy Jeff Springer. "He said no. That told me right then this is not them and he hung up on me."

The Sheriff's Office says the call is reportedly coming from Jamaica. If you receive any suspicious law enforcement.