Pumpkin Patch Business Booming

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ARDMORE, OK -- Pumpkin Patch business in Ardmore is booming once again after the rain last week put a halt on festivities.

"The last thing we want is a group of kids sad because their day got rained out."

Mandy Kirkpatrick who co-owns Woodbine Farms, along with her husband and parents, says the heavy rain in Texoma forced them to shut down operations for a couple days.

Kirkpatrick said, "That's the tough part of our business considering everything is outdoors. We have quite a few school groups, day-cares, nursing homes that come out during the week."

Kirkpatrick says they are not usually open on Mondays but will be for the next couple of weeks in order to accommodate the tours that had to be cancelled.

"It's always a challenge to get those rescheduled. We've done it successfully so far this year, as long as we don't have more rain days. It's always a juggling act."

Don Thomason, who drove a bus full of excited kids to the farm from Bethel Baptist Church Sunday, says he's glad the weather didn't interfere with their annual visit.

"We're thankful we missed the rain, we're glad that it's pretty out here today, it's nice, and we're really glad this was a good weekend to come."

Thomason says they don't only come for the pumpkins.

"They get to ride the hay rides and shoot the corn cob machine and it's just a lot of fun and they enjoy it and we enjoy bringing them out here."

Kirkpatrick says with the farm festivities ending on the 30th, It should be a busy week and a half for them.

"We're booked pretty solid but right now the schedule is looking good. We're going to get everyone taken care of."

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