"Puppy Up" Texoma walk for canine cancer research

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DENISON, TX - Dozens of Denison residents walked their dogs today to raise money for a good cause.

Dog lovers filled Waterloo park today along with man's best friends for a special walk to raise money for canine cancer research.

"They are our family and they comfort us through sickness and health and it's very important that we're there for them." said Vailey Richardson.

Vailey Richardson is walking her dog Sugar in the first ever Puppy Up Texoma.
She feels strongly about raising money for research because she's lost 3 dogs to cancer and battled the disease herself.

"I myself have had 2 kinds of cancers, and so I think it's very important that we get out and try to help our animals too." Richardson said.

"We believe in cancer research, I had cancer 10 years ago or almost 11, and Maggie currently has cancer." Donna Batey said.

Donna Batey says her 13 year old dog, Maggie, was diagnosed with cancer about a year ago.
Because it's in-operable, she knows it's just a matter of time.

"She's been by my side for 14 years and she's just a member of the family." Batey said.

Event Coordinator, Pamela Pyle, says 26 states across the nation will participate in the walk today, as part of the charity program 2 million dogs, based out of Memphis Tennessee.
Pyle says dogs are not the only ones who benefit from canine cancer research.

"By studying canine cancer we can help both humans and dogs with cancer because canine cancer is almost exactly the same as human cancer in fact they get the same kinds of cancer." PP

Pyle says today they raised about 3 thousand dollars.

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