Rain proving beneficial for Denison Farmer's Market vendors

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DENISON, TX -- For three years now, vendors have been setting up their tables with fresh veggies at the Denison Farmer's Market. They all say this summer has been the best yet.

"We've gotten just a nice amount of rain and very nicely spaced out," Sharon Reece said.

"We got over 2,000 tomato plants. We grew over 40,000 onions and they all produced. I'll have onions till December," Sharon Cook said.

Owner and operator of Cook Farms in Savoy, Sharon Cook, thanks mother nature and new technology for this season's goods.

"We bought machinery and it rolls the black plastic, and you can put irrigation underneath it and we can produce more vegetables that way," she said.

Cook says the extreme drought over the past two years motivated her to add an irrigation system, because relying on rain to fall wasn't the best option for her.

"Everything burns up," Cook said.

Sharon Reece also has an irrigation system, but says she's been thankful that she's hardly had to use it this year.

"The vegetables and the greens do so much better with rain than they do with irrigation," Reece said.

"Juicy, fresh, not shipped, picked it Thursday. Good, sweet and juicy," Cook said as she tasted one of her watermelons.

The vendors at the market say business has picked up, and many are selling out of their fresh produce each week.

All produce and products are locally grown and pesticide free.

The Denison farmers market is open Wednesdays 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to noon.

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