Random act of kindness inspires a Texoma town

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WOODBINE, TX -- An anonymous letter shows up in a small Texoma town over the holidays and it's what was inside that has residents talking.

Each day there are people struggling in the world. One Woodbine resident realized that and wanted to help those in the community. This story all began with a handwritten note.

A few weeks ago, Woodbine Water Supply Corporation employees started their work day like any other, checking the drop box for residents' payments. One letter stuck out from the bunch.

"The only thing it's got on this envelope is the word 'tithe'," Rickey Kemp said.

Director, Rickey Kemp, and employees open it and inside is a handwritten note.

"All of you at Woodbine Water are wonderful about knowing your clientele. You know about the lives and stories of many of us," the letter said. "I would like to make this contribution for you to use for those down on their luck this time of year. Anyone you know, or more than one, that you can apply this to their account would truly be appreciated," Kemp read.

Signed with a 'thank you', a heart and $500 cash to be applied to the water bills of those in need.

"That's one of the greatest things that I think could come from the heart," resident Michael Hinz said.

"I'm just real proud that someone would do that for others, you know, to be anonymous," Beth Brooks said.

Woodbine is a small community, only about 2,000 people. Even with all the talk, the random act of kindness remains a mystery.

"Some of our customers we can recognize their handwriting because we see them month in and month out. No clue," Kemp

But Kemp says he doesn't need to know who it is. He just wants them to know they're appreciated.

"Whoever did this needs to be recognized. We at Woodbine are just the delivery people. We decided who needed it, but this person right here, whoever did this, I don't know who it is, they're the angel that brought this along for some of these people that were well deserving," Kemp said.

"If we had more people like her there would be a lot less, I think, hunger and trouble and stuff like that in this world today," Hinz said.

So far, the $500 has helped six customers. Kemp says there is still some more money, so more residents will see some relief on their next water bill.

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