Randy Travis 911 call released

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GRAYSON CO., TX-Wednesday night, we hear the 911 call from the man who found country star, Randy Travis, lying naked in the middle of a Grayson county road.
You can hear the shock in the voice of the passerby who called 911 after discovering the man, we now know was Randy Travis, lying unresponsive in the road.

Dispatcher: "Grayson county 911"
Caller: "Hello. On on the road from 377 to Valley View and I just found a guy laying on the road."
Dispatcher: "Is he responsive?"
Caller: "I haven't gotten out of my vehicle yet, I'm staying in my vehicle just to make sure."
Dispatcher: "Are you okay?"
Caller: "I'm spooked out."

"The man had driven through there 20-30 minutes prior to the accident. He didn't see anything and on his way home, he saw the man lying on the roadway so he called 911."

Grayson County Sheriff's Sgt. Rickey Wheeler said last night, a passerby found country music star, Randy Travis, on FM-922 near Tioga lying naked in the roadway.

Caller: "He's just laying there theres no vehicles around him. I don't see him there's a couple of cones scattered."
Dispatch: "Do you think he could have possibly had a wreck?"
Caller: "Maybe I don't see a vehicle anywhere."

"DPS took over the scene because it was a motor vehicle accident. They did arrest Mr. Travis at the scene for suspicions of DWI. They took him to a local hospital where they did a blood draw and at that time, once the blood draw was complete, he was brought to the grayson county jail," said Wheeler.

Wheeler said a store in Pilot Point called just before the accident was reported saying a man walked in naked, trying to buy cigarettes. Then sped off in a 1998 Trans Am. Wheeler said sometime after that, Travis crashed off FM-922 and Clover Road.
Travis faces DWI and retaliation charges.

"The retaliation charge comes from him threatening two of the troopers who were at the scene last night. Apparently he threatened to kill and shoot the officers multiple times," said Wheeler.

Wheeler said Travis bonded out Wednesday morning and, even though he is a star, he receives the same treatment.

"Here at the justice center here in Grayson county, everyone is treated as equals. Just as he was brought in last night, he was put in with everybody else," he said.

Wheeler said Travis' court date will be set in the next couple of weeks. He says while a DWI is a misdemeanor, the retaliation charge is a third-degree felony, which means Travis may face 2 to 10 years in prison or probation and a fine of up to $10,000.

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