Rape suspect arrested after running for over a year

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(BRYAN COUNTY, OKLAHOMA) -- A Bryan County rape suspect who was on the run for over a year has been captured and arrested.

37-year-old Jose Luis Cortes was arrested by the Bryan County Sheriff's Office Tuesday for what police say was a rape he committed in June of last year.

His arrest is raising awareness for area women.

Rape suspect Jose Luis Cortes was taken into police custody Tuesday after running from authorities for over a year.

Cassidi Richardson is a Durant resident and says, " you always gotta watch out..cause you never know about people these days..it's scary..it's a scary thought."

The Bryan County Sheriff's office had a warrant out for Cortes since June of 2012. Authorities say at that time he met a teenage girl at a park, drove her to his house outside of Durant city limits, raped her and fled.

Ava Lejeune lives across from a Durant park and says she sometimes worries about suspicious activity, " I wouldn't go walk close to those woods..no..not without a hammer in my hand."

Two area high school students are being extra careful as they begin making their college campus visits, Maria Bonilla and Laura Hernandez " I thought about finding all the places..the random buttons you can push and it will call the police..making sure I know where all those things are located and having 9-11 on speed dial and always having my phone." laura: " I also think..always go with someone..always have someone you trust."

Authorities say large numbers of students walking alone at all hours of the day and night can make college campuses targets for sexual predators.

SOSU campus police officer Clayton Smith advises students to travel in groups in lighted areas, use a campus police escort if necessary..and always..trust your instinct, Officer Clayton Smith " if you suspect something is wrong in a situation or dangerous in some kinda way..you may be right..so don't dismiss suspicious persons or cars in the area."