Rattlesnake Festival

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WAURIKA, OK - People tried not to get rattled amongst hundreds of snakes who seemed to know they were on the menu.

Professional snake hunters and wranglers were on hand to teach folks what to do if they find themselves face-to-face with an angry rattlesnake.

Dustin Eason has been working with snakes for a couple of years. He says their goal is to educate people about the reptiles. "First of the show we start off with a safety lecture teaching what to do if you do get bit then we go in to doing some stunts on how to get out of sticky situations," Eason said.

Some kids we talked to say they wouldn't mind having a rattlesnake for a pet, but they say it might cause problems, because their parents would probably be mad.

Organizers of the event say the festival is put on as a fundraiser for the Local Volunteer Fire Department and is meant to control the snake population.

" If we didn't do this it would be over populated we still have times where the fire department gets called because snakes are in peoples homes and their back yards here in town," said event worker Jessica Coody.

We also tried to help with rattlesnake population by eating one, but I quess it's an aquired taste.

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