Residents add on to Waterloo Lake Regional Park's master plan

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DENISON, TX-Dozens of Denison residents weighed in on the future of Waterloo Lake Regional Park Thursday. A redesign of the park has been in the works since 2010, as part of the city’s Park Implementation Plan. Now, city officials said they're counting on residents to help them draft the master plan for the new and improved park.

Terri Wood used to walk her dog Viggo at Waterloo Lake Park everyday, but recently she's grown concerned about their safety.

"I was almost attacked about two months ago by two pitbulls. They had their owners with them and they were holding them back and I have my dog on a leash. I've only walked one time since then," she said.

She was one of dozens of residents who attended a public forum at the park Thursday evening, to voice concerns and make suggestions for park upgrades.

"It's the public's park and this is really an opportunity for citizens of Denison to come and talk about the things that are great about Waterloo Park and the things that need to be done a little better. It's an oppportunity to create a vision for the future,” said Hanna.

Denison City Manager, Robert Hanna, said they don't have any plans in place yet for any new amenities and they wanted residents’ opinions before proceeding. He said they've been working on redesigning the park since 2010.

"I think Waterloo Regional Park is one of the most beautiful, natural resource assets in the region. We have a rich history, it didn't get here this way overnight, they worked hard to get here and we want to make sure to continue that,” he said.

The city is working with La Terra Studio on the project. Residents were given the chance to pick which additions they'd like to see in the park like splash pads, more trails and callboxes which Wood is rooting for.

"We have a lot of people out here who walk out here for their health and stuff and if they have a heart attack or fell or something, a call box would really really help,” she said.

Hanna said they don't know how much Waterloo Park's project will cost, but they are planning to apply for funding and ask for the community's help.

"There's not a lot of park money out there. There is for special projects and other things, but it's highly competitive because the dollars are intense. If we do this as a community, if we make improvements to our parks, it's because our community cares enough to fund them," he said.

Hanna said they will have another public meeting within the next four month to talk with residents about which amenities they chose for Waterloo Park.

If you were not able to attend Thursday’s meeting, you can submit your ideas to Denison Parks and Rec’s Sunney Mackey:
Or La Terra Studio’s Brad Moulton:

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