Residents concerned about proposed power plant near Van Alstyne

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VAN ALSTYNE, TX -- Several Grayson County residents are voicing their concerns about a proposed power plant near Van Alstyne.

Navasota Energy Company has applied with the TCEQ for an air permit to build a natural gas plant right outside Van Alstyne city limits, but the project isn't sitting well with some area residents.

Navasota Energy says the 543 mega watt plant would have the ability to serve nearly half a million homes during peak periods.

The company says they are in the very early stages of the permitting process.

A resident who opposes the plant, voiced her concerns at tonight's city council meeting.

She says it would be harmful to the area, but Van Alstyne officials say they don't have any involvement in bringing the plant to the area since it would be built outside city limits.

"People may want to run from this area when you have a plant of this magnitude that is emitting all of these chemicals and it's just three quarters of a mile from our house and one and a half miles from the city," said resident, Becky Rodriguez.

"At the present time there isn't a city involvement but a lot of it since it is to be in the future, a lot of it will depend on what our jurisdiction is in the extra-territorial jurisdiction, and I think it will depend on that," said Van Alstyne Mayor, Teddie Ann Salmon.

The TCEQ told News 12 today that permit engineers are evaluating if the proposed controls will result in emissions that comply with state and federal standards.

There is no set timetable for a final decision.

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