Residents react after Bonham voters approve alcohol sales

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BONHAM, TX - Reactions from residents after Bonham voters approve alcohol sales for off-property consumption--and mixed alcoholic drinks in restaurants.

Bonham residents won't see a change overnight. The manager of the Bonham Fuel and Food Stop tells News 12 there's an application and licensing process, and he expects it will be about 2 months before he has alcohol on the shelves.

Bonham residents Michael Clingman tells us, "Usually when I go get alcohol I have to go to Dallas or Oklahoma."

Over the weekend, 86 percent of voters voted for a city-wide proposition to allow the sale of beer and wine for off-property consumption and 72 percent voted for another proposition to allow mixed alcoholic beverages in restaurants.

Clingman says convenience isn't the only reason he's happy about the results, "All the tax money that I pay into it will come and help the town."

Some we spoke to say they're happy Bonham can start capturing those extra tax dollars--but worry about an increase in under-age drinking, "just have to keep a watch on your underage drinking, just keep them off the streets and stuff."

Others think it will help prevent drinking and driving, saying people drive to get alcohol, and drink it on the way back.

And some remain against both propositions, saying alcohol doesn't contribute to the community at all.

Bonham Mayor Roy Floyd tells News 12 the excess tax dollars they'll get from the sale of alcohol will go to towards building new roads, repairing streets, and water and sewage improvements.

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