Riley Sprowl returns home

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VAN ALSTYNE,TX---A high school junior who has been in a Dallas hospital since December finally returns home.

"I didn't know anything, until we exited and we saw this big van, and I saw something was up cause it started honking."said Riley Sprowl.

This is what Riley Sprowl came home to Tuesday morning.

Hundreds of family, friends and community members lining highway five; welcoming home the Van Alstyne junior who suffered a life-changing spine injury in December.

He's still recovering and not ready to be on camera just yet but wants to thank everyone who has helped him through the past three months.

"It's just really awesome, like to know that people are praying for you, and you're praying, it's just really awesome."said Riley Sprowl.

The star football and baseball player has been in rehab and dreams of rejoining his teams in any way that he can.

His football coach Mikeal Miller says he wouldn't have missed Riley's return home for the world.

"He's one of those kind of players that you wish you had 11 more just like him; he's pretty special."said Miller.

"It's awesome to know that our town takes care of its people." said Kathy Edmondson

Van Alstyne fire trucks lined highway 5 as police vehicles escorted Riley from the hospital to the high school then to his house.

His aunt Kathy Edmondson works at the middle school, she says his expression was priceless.

"Seeing him smile, his smile."said Edmonson.

Riley's parents Karla and Jason say even though their son is home he still has a long road ahead of him, but it's one he's prepared for.

"It's not just easy, it's not been given to him, he's had to work for everything."said Karla Sprowl.

Which makes even the small victories more rewarding.

One of the things he's most looking forward to about being home.

"Get some sleep probably, finally, and then eat good."said Riley Sprowl.

But he's holding tight to the larger goals too, like returning to the baseball and football teams and just getting back to a normal schedule.

"Hopefully we can all kind of wind down, get in a routine, our routine, and start living normal." said Jason Sprowl.

Riley says he has learned many things from his experience and is thankful for the community that's supported him.

"It's taught me some things I can do that I thought I couldn't do. It's making me tougher, that's for sure." said Riley Sprowl.

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