Rivals put aside differences for a day of fun

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DENISON, TX -- For 15 years, one of the oldest school rivalries has inspired both teams to reach a common goal.

100 years of rivalry, not many other schools can boast that long of a clash. But both the Sherman and Denison High School student councils are boasting a different kind of match-up.

"It think the friendship luncheon is important to remember that it's the battle of the axe and we have our rivalries, but we're still people, we're still humans and we still come together to help our communities," said Katie Burkhead, Denison High School Student Council president.

"It's where you get to met people that you wouldn't have known otherwise and just you know pretty much they're in the same exact position as we are but just different school. You know, 10 minutes over," said Cia Arias, Sherman High School Student Body president.

For 15 years, the student councils have met during the week of the battle of the axe for a friendship luncheon.

The luncheon may have stalled a rivalry for a few hours, but both Sherman and Denison's student councils are hard at work collecting more cans than the other team can.

"It actually lets the kids have the rivalry but still do something good for our community. So it is a way to be competitive against Sherman. And it's a way for all the kids to get involved not just the football players," said Jamie Dugan, Denison High School Student Council adviser.

"It really shows kids that we are all in the same community and that when we work together we can get a lot of things done," said Larena Douglass, Sherman High School Student Council sponsor.

But one thing is for certain for these 2 rivals.

"Battle of the axe? Sherman. Of course," said Arias.

"I've gotta root for my boys. Denison football? I am rooting for you all the way. You have my heart," said Burkhead.

Can collection goes until school's out Friday afternoon.

For Denison:
Denison High School, or at the local food pantry.

For Sherman:
Albertsons, Sherman High School, or Piner Middle School

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