Road construction in Grayson and Fannin counties to cause delays

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX -- Getting around the Texoma area is going to be a little difficult starting next week. Four roadway construction projects are going to impact some high traffic areas.

If you've been down highway 75 near Melissa and Anna, you've probably found yourself sitting in traffic.

"It gets really frustrating and they don't give you many signs as to where you need to go," driver Ryan Sepulvado said.

Next week, this will be a similar scene in Sherman. TXDOT will be repaving sections of highway 75 from FM 902 to Travis Street. But construction doesn't stop there.

FM 691 between Preston Road and FM 131 will be down to one lane and state highway 56 in Fannin county will be repaved in sections all the way through Bonham to the east city limit.

"Travelers need to slow down, watch for the signs and also watch for flaggers with the stop slow paddle," TXDOT engineer Noel Paramanantham said.

These projects are expected to be complete by the end of August.

However, FM 151 in Fannin county will be completely torn up and re-done. It's expected to take 8 to 12 months to complete.

There is a lot of construction going on at the same time, causing delays, but TXDOT said it has to be that way.

"Summer is the best time for construction because we have longer days and we have for the most part dry conditions. So, it helps us do a lot more work during the summertime," Paramanantham said.

Paramanantham said TXDOT will work to make sure construction ends on time.

"Our goal is to get all of these projects with the minimum impact to the traveling public. However, roadway construction is a long process. It's not a quick fix," Paramanantham said.

State highway 56 in Fannin county is a two lane road. TXDOT will have to close a lane so be extremely cautious of flaggers letting you know when to stop and go.

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