Roads improve as ice melts, but could re-freeze overnight

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Many cars are still covered in snow and ice, but Texoma roads are clearing up.

Earlier Wednesday afternoon, drivers were moving slower on frozen roads.

"They're very slick. It's very hard to drive," concerned driver Stacia Jones said.

This was the scene on Texoma Parkway: drivers sliding through melted ice.

And along Highway 75, we counted seven more vehicles like this one, stuck on the side of the highway from McKinney to Sherman.

All day and night, TXDOT crews have been shaking out their sandy mixture on Texoma highways.

"Our guys have been working on US 75, US 82, Spur 503, US 69 in Denison, US 377, State Highway 279, FM 1417," David Selman with TXDOT said.

Twenty-four hours after the snowfall, drivers are moving pretty steadily on the highway, but Selman says it's not necessarily the highways that drivers should be concerned about.

The roads less traveled are the biggest cause for concern. That's why Stacia Jones says she stuck to the main roads on her drive to Sherman Town Center.

"Yeah, I was kinda scared. I'm not driving my car, I'm driving my mom's just in case because I drive a little bug," Jones said.

"Folks should drive at whatever speed they're comfortable. Just because the roadway may look clear and safe, there's still going to be some places that may have ice," Selman said.

Roads could re-freeze overnight.

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