Ruiz Foods announce plan to bring over 300 jobs to the area

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DENISON,TX -- A Denison Company announced a major expansion Wednesday that will bring several hundred new jobs to the area.

"We are absolutely thrilled to make that commitment to the Denison community and to our Denison team members here," said Ruiz Foods CEO Rachel Cullen.

Ruiz Foods, Denison's third largest employer and the second largest food distribution corporation in our area is expanding.

They announced today that they'll be adding $20 million dollars worth of equipment into their newly constructed 50,000 square foot building.

"It's a very exciting time to be at Ruiz foods," said Cullen.

Ruiz Foods' CEO Rachel Cullen says they're also adding more than 300 new jobs to help the company keep up with an increase in product demand.

She says their frozen mexican food items like "El Monterrey" and "Tornadoes" are very popular across the country.

In fact "El Monterrey" is the number one selling brand of frozen mexican food in the U.S.

"There's a huge demand for it, so as we grow, we are able to grow with that demand," said Cullen.

"It's huge. Cause those employees are going to work here; they're going to live here; they're going to shop here," said Denison Mayor Jared Johnson.

Denison Mayor Jared Johnson says the economic boost from this expansion will be felt for years to come.

"It's solidifying Ruiz Foods' position in Denison as a place they can do business and that they can grow and prosper," said Johnson.

Members of the Denison Development Alliance worked with Ruiz Foods on this expansion for two months and say throughout the next 10 years, the facility's expansion could add over $40 million dollars to the local tax rolls.

"We're going to continue doing everything we can with our business environment to take care of our companies, including Ruiz," said Denison Development Alliance President Tony Kai.

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