SOSU goes tobacco free

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DURANT, OK-- These tables at SouthEastern State University are empty because the smokers that usually sit at them have been forced to move.

Starting August 1st, SOSU is tobacco free.

"Students, faculty, staff, and visitors will no longer be able to use tobacco products on any properties that are owned on the campus premises," said, Director of Student Health Services, April Lerling.

It's in accordance with an executive order signed by Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin in February that prohibits tobacco use at all state owned or leased property.

And it's not just smoking, chewing, dipping or any products that contain tobacco are also prohibited.

Oklahoma's three major universities, Oklahoma State, University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma Central University have already made the transition.

Many students, like Bree Labeth are thrilled with the change.

"The one thing I really think about, I kind of like the idea of going smoke free because of second hand smoke. I mean, it's a real issue in our country and so I don't want to fall victim to that."

But not all students feel the same way. Even though Garrett Shoemake isn't a smoker, he thought SOSU could have found a happy medium.

"Personally it's a personal choice to me. I just think once your over the age of 18, you have the right to make the decision. As long as your courteous to others, you should be able to do what you want."

Lehrling says tobacco related death is the number one most preventable cause of death in Oklahoma, killing 16 Oklahoman's daily.

"It is important that we be proactive and take a stance to help see those numbers go down," Lehrling said.